Cheap Tickets to Disneyland in Paris – How to Save on Your Tickets

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UPDATED: May 2022

Hi there, traveler and welcome! Below you will find a comparison table showing an overview of all the different prices by the official site and re-sellers companies (there quick answer is coming soon (check “In a hurry section” and all the nitty-gritty details about how I calculated it are below in the post). The savings will really depend on the current pricing structure of Disney, but in general you can still save anywhere between 5 to 15€ (and even 20€) at times per ticket!

NOTE: For simplicity, I am only comparing the prices for 1 day/2 parks adult dated tickets (there are many variations, I will talk about it later). Generally if one type of tickets is cheaper, then it is safe to say that all the other types of tickets will also be cheaper.

If you are in a hurry

It is pretty complicated with all the different conditions, but let me give you an idea on the current cheapest website before you start getting into details: Currently it is KLOOK with an average saving of about 7.5€ per person. If you don’t have the time to go into the calculation on exactly how much and why, you can just save yourself some time and quite some money. Enjoy! 🙂

OK, let’s get into it – I have compared EVERYTHING that was on the market for Disneyland Paris tickets (in French and English). Below you are going to see the most interesting websites that made it to my list. But again, to save your time here is price comparison in a table for easier understanding:

  • Comparison for: 1 day/2 parks adult ticket
  • Currency: EUR
Disneyland paris cheaper ticket
In bold are the best site to buy Disneyland tickets for your given dates (color coding will be explained right below in the next section)
disneyland paris tickets prices until 2023 calendar
Disney divided all the dates into 6 different colors according to how popular the dates are (full explanation below in the post)

So, long story short – for the biggest savings buy Disney tickets on Klook website (you will save from ~5.65 to 8€ per person depending on the dates). If you are buying over 6 months in advance (Klook only offers 6 months in advance purchase), then check out Attraction Tickets – you will save 4€ per person in this case.

1. On Disney website

Disneyland Paris official website

Except for their really complicated pricing according to the dates system, buying tickets on the official website is very straightforward and can also be the cheapest sometimes. The site if fully in English and the interface is quite intuitive.

Here is how to buy it –

  • Go to the official website -> Click “Tickets and Packages” – “Park Tickets”
  • Choose “Dated” or “Undated” -> (Dated is cheaper, Undated can be used at any date including holidays, but you still need to reserve your spot in advance and you can only get an Undated tickets for 1 day)
Types of tickets Disneyland Paris
Don’t get too carried away about the prices yet – those are the rates for 1 Day 1 Park, while we want to do 2 Parks in 1 Day
  • Choose for how many parks (there is a toggle) – 1 Day 1 Park only allows you to go to one park (there are 1 of them together: the big one is called Disneyland Park and the small one is Walt Disney Studios Park (only worth half a day imo). If you decide to go for 1 park only then definitely choose the big one, but I HIGHLY recommend to do 2, even if you only have a day – you will probably miss a couple of rides, but it is kind of doable in a day + the small one has some cool rides that I would not want you to miss (Ratatouille and the Tower of terror are wow!)
paris disney family ticket
  • Choose how many days (the more the cheaper, but it is always up to your availability)
  • Choose your date (assuming you chose the “Dated” ticket). If you ask me, the color-codes system is a bit hard to understand especially considering the fast that orange and pink look extremely similar on the site, but here is what I could gather: GREEN (Booking rrrreally in advance for normal working days), BLUE (normal non-holiday working days), or PURPLE (some Sundays and weekends), YELLOW (most summer dates except the most popular ones), ORANGE (super high season except for the main big holidays), PINK (all holidays and pre-holidays including Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.). At the moment, you can buy your tickets ~11 month in advance
disneyland paris tickets prices until 2023 calendar
This will hopefully explain the pricing system visually. Basically, the more popular are the dates – the higher is the price
  • Choose how many adults and kids (3-11 y.o) are going. Kids under 3 do not need a ticket nor a reservation ->
  • Press “Add to Cart”, it will look something like this->
Buying Disneyland tickets on the official website
  • It will offer you some add-ons for different shows, choose them if you like, otherwise click “Continue”
  • Fill in the information for all the guests (they say the tickets are not transferrable, but I honestly never saw them checking anyone’s IDs)
  • Pay with your credit card, and you will receive your ticket with a special QR-code by email, hooray!

That is it, just go directly at the gates with these tickets, no need to queue in the cash register!

NOTE: At the moment when this article is last updated (May 2022), the price is 87 EUR for 1 adult for a 1 day/2 parks GREEN ticket for the December, 11 2022

TIP: Check Disneyland Offers and Packages – sometimes Disneyland in Paris throws crazy promos that are even cheaper than on the website I am going to recommend below!

What if you want to cancel these tickets?

In case you bought your tickets through the official website, you can get your money back if you cancel at least 3 days in advance:

“The 1-Day dated ticket may be cancelled and refunded in full up to 3 days before your visit date (including the day of arrival, e.g. if you have bought a ticket for 4 June, for example, you will have until midnight on 1 June to cancel it). You may cancel your ticket directly from your order summary page, which you can access using the security key provided in your confirmation e-mail. If it says that your booking can only be cancelled by e-mail, please send your name, the 8-digit booking number, the date of your selected visit and a photo of the ticket (with the legible barcode) or the PDF of your e-ticket to [email protected] You will be refunded the full amount as quickly as possible, usually via the same payment method used to buy the ticket. If you would like to change the date of your visit, you will first need to cancel your current ticket and buy a new one for your desired date (subject to availability). Please note that it is not possible to change your visit date via e-mail.”

2. On Klook website

Now to the fun part – let’s see which (legit) ticket resellers actually sell tickets cheaper than on the official website!

Klook is a big website that usually has a lot of great offers for tours in Asia, but it serves our purpose in this case – they offer good rates for EuroDisney too!

Here is how to get it and the pricing that you should expect:

  • Go to ->
  • Type “Disneyland Paris” in the search field (there is also Shanghai and Hong Kong, so do not mix it up!) Or just click here – it should take you directly to the offer ->
Klook Step 1
  • Click “Select Options” (please note that currently you can only buy tickets 2 days in advance the latest) – >
Discounted tickets for eurodisney on Klook
  • Choose your dates and the option you prefer (1 Day 2 Parks for our example as usual), Click “Check Availability” ->
Buy one get one free disneyland paris tickets
  • Select the amount of Adults and Kids visiting and click “Book Now” – >
step by step guide to save money in Disneyland Paris
  • Sign up or Log in ->
  • Fill in your info and the Payment details (it will automatically change to your preferred currency) ->
Cancellation policy Disneyland in France
  • All set, you will receive your ticket by email!

P.S. Please note that your tickets are refundable if you cancel it at least 4 days in advance

YOUR SAVING: As you can see, the ticket is 81.35€ for Adults, while it would be 87€ on the official website. 87 – 81.35 = 5.65€. That is the lowest saving you can get with Klook. If you buy Purple ticket for instance, the saving is 8€ per person which definitely adds up if you are traveling as a big family/group!

3. On Attraction Tickets website

As you cannot buy tickets on Klook that are over 6 months in advance, so I found another website that offers some decent saving (it adds up to be 4€ per person at the end, so not so much, but I think it is still worth it, considering you are literally spending the same much time buying it on the official site vs on Attraction tickets. 😉

Let’s say we are buying tickets for 16th of January 2023 (so, about 9 months in advance), here is how you do it:

Attraction tickets homepage
  • Choose your preferred ticket type (as usual, we are going to choose 1 Day/2 parks for the sake of correct comparison) ->
1 day 2 parks disneyland paris 1
  • Choose your dates ->
cheap cost eurodisney ticket
  • Choose the amount of adults and kids and click “Add to basket” ->
  • It is going to give you some gift (some printouts), click “Checkout” ->
  • Fill in your details
deals on disneyland tickets in paris
  • Pay (card/Paypal or even gift cards are accepted) ->
  • Voila, you are all done! (as usual, dated tickets do not require any prior reservations, so just have your QR-code/email ready when you are at the entrance to the park)

P.S. Cancellation policy is very standard – cancel 3 days in advance to get a full refund.

YOUR SAVING: the ticket on the official website for the dates are 81€, the price on Attraction tickets as you can see is 77€, so your saving is 81-77=4€. They also talk about 25£ credit for Orlando tickets, but honestly, I did not really understand how it works. You can ask them directly if that applies to you.

4. Other ways to save

Except for the reseller sites, here are a couple of more ways to save on your Disney ticket that you might not have though about:

  1. Check the promo page of the official site – as I said earlier, sometimes Disney throws really nice promos when you would be better off taking advantage of that directly
  2. Think about getting an Annual Pass – if you are planning to visit the park 3 or more times in a year, consider getting an Annual Pass. Not only it gives you cool perks like free parking, discounts for hotels, discounts in shops and restaurants, extra magic hours etc., it also allows to buy verrry discounted tickets for your loved ones. The price of the pass varies and starts from 229€ and the cheapest entrance ticket for your loved ones is 42€. More details about it here
  3. Check out current Hotel + Ticket packages – we almost don’t talk about the hotel option in this post as this would add another level of complexity to the comparison, but if you are going for a couple of days and you are looking for accommodation around the park, definitely check the packages! It might be cheaper or even a little more expensive than if you buy a hotel+tickets separate, but staying in a partner hotel is an experience by itself! By the way, I have a great post on Where to stay around Disneyland for your reference too!
  4. If you hold a disability document, you are eligible for a 25% discount (+ 25% off for an accompanying guest)
  5. There are military discounts too! If you are active and retired military personnel, your 2 Days-2 Parks ticket (that’s the only option) will be only ~37€, not bad!

5. Same date tickets

ATTENTION! Due to Covid restrictions, you CANNOT BUY TICKETS AT THE GATE at the moment – you have to book your ticket in advance.

When/if this will change again, I will change the info here accordingly.

Please treat this announcement seriously – they are strict with amount of people allowed per day and it might very well happen that you will go all the way to the park and not be allowed in.

If it so happened that you planned last minute and you really want to be in Eurodisney today, you might still be able to do it – but still book your ticket in advance!

PRO TIP: Check on the official web site – I checked and the price for me was is 103€ for adults and 122€(!) for kids (1 day 2 parks). If it is sold out there, try GetYourGuide, it is more expensive (130€), but if you really want to make it happen same day, they probably will still have tickets left.

At the gate (currently not available)

The following section is old, please disregard it for now. I am still keeping it here in hopes that they will bring this option back when the restrictions are lifted completely:

queues disneyland Paris gate
NOTE: The picture above is old, I took it a couple of years ago, you can see the updated gate price below or on the official website here.

The first and the most obvious option is buying your Disneyland ticket at the gate. Currently, the price of this ticket is 93£ per person for 1 day, 2 parks adult ticket.

– Is it expensive?

– Well, if you ask me, yes!

1 day, 1 park76£70£
1 day, 2 parks93£87£
2 days, 2 parks147£136£
3 days, 2 parks184£170£
4 days, 2 parks217£200£

Each time I visited Disney, I felt sorry for people waiting in line, to be honest – not only it is more expensive than buying online, the lines are usually really long too!

Why would they do that? Lack of information and preparation I guess.

ATTENTION: If you think you can just buy tickets online when you are in the line, DO NOT do this, – according to Disneyland’s new tariffs, your online ticket will have the highest possible rate (think, Christmas rates). So, even though buying online will still probably be cheaper than the gate option, the difference in price can be up to 25GBP vs if you buy it even 1 day in advance.

So, which ticket website is cheaper in the end?

So, as I said, if you are going to Disneyland in Paris for 1 day only, you should definitely get your ticket on Klook website – depending on your dates you will save anywhere between €5.65 and 8€ per person.

If you are planning your trip over 6 months in advance, then look no further but Attraction Tickets, it will give you a 4€ discount and a some credit towards other purchases.

NOTE: At the times of previous updates, it was indeed possible to save as much as 20€ on your Disneyland tickets, but because of the pricing policies and current promotions, the situation has changed a bit. But still, it is 4-8 saving per person, which can add up to a nice sum for a group/family that you can use in a gift shop or anything you like!

NOTE 2: In case you want to buy the Fastpass as well, you do not need to queue at the entrance of the park – you can buy it once you get inside!


disneyland paris in autumn

Some of the readers who were going to visit Disney for 2 days asked me if it is better to buy 1 day/1 park tickets twice because it usually ends up being cheaper if bought separate. While it might be indeed cheaper to get individual tickets for each day instead of the 2 days – 2 parks ticket, you will not actually trick the system.

Here is why: The main Disneyland Park is huge (you can count it as 1.5 parks), so you will definitely need more than one day to visit it properly, while Walt Disney Studios is smaller and can be easily done in half a day (so we can count it as 0.5 parks) aaaand it closes way earlier than its big brother – at 6 pm.

In my opinion, it is way better to buy the 2 days – 2 parks ticket and continue to the main Disney Park after you finish with the Disney Studios park on the same day. Buying individual tickets makes sense if you don’t have 2 full days anyway (only 1 and a half maybe) or if you have small kids, as Walt Disney Studios has simpler rides fit for infants so you might want to spend a full day there.

🎢 1 day 2 parks price:from €84
🎠 Ticket at the gate:from €88 (+ the lines)
🤫 Secret site deal:~5-15% off
🚄 How to get from Paris:Train
🕐 Time from Paris:~40 min

BONUS: Where to stay in Disneyland, Paris

Dream Castle hotel Disneyland view

Now as you bought a good ticket for your Disneyland adventure, why don’t you get a hotel in the area overnight?

Luxury hotel
hotels across the street from disneyland

This hotel, located right at the entrance, is the most representative for Disneyland and, needless to say, it is also amongst the most luxurious and expensive ones out there – but there is no doubt you will feel like royalty!

LElysee Val dEurope Luxury Disney Cheap tickets

Amazing accommodation with a free shuttle to the park

Chambre Disney

Nice and cozy B&B with a gorgeous terrace, clean rooms, and friendly staff

Charming studio near Disneyland

A great Airbnb just 15 mins walking or 5 mins by bus!

In case you want to see more options of accommodations located close to EuroDisney, I have just the article for you, click on the link below to see it:

Frequently asked questions about Disneyland Paris

7 disneyland by night

📆 How long do you need in Disneyland Paris?

Two days. One park can be visited in one day, but in order to enjoy most of the attractions, you would need one day and a half in Disneyland Park and half a day in Walt Disney Studios Park.

🎄 Is Disneyland Paris busy at Christmas?

Yes, Disneyland Paris is very busy during holidays, especially Christmas, so it’s recommended that you buy your tickets in advance.

🎫 Can you buy a 1-day ticket to Disney?

Yes. There is a one-day ticket for Disneyland Paris that can be used in either of the parks, Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios.

🚍 How to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris?

To get to Disneyland Paris from Paris, you can take the train, the express bus, the magic shuttle Disneyland bus, or the taxi. The cheapest and fastest are the magic shuttle or the train.


I want to thank you for taking the time to read this guide. I hope the information shared will be useful to you!

As usual, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below!

Bonnes vacances! 🙂


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